Amdocs [NASDAQ: DOX]: Full Cycle Innovation for Telecom RCM

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Shuky Sheffer, President & CEO, Amdocs [NASDAQ: DOX]Shuky Sheffer, President & CEO The telecommunication industry is undergoing a technological transformation. The players in this industry are increasingly adopting advanced technologies like Gfast, Passive Optical Networks, 4G/5G, AR/VR, AI, and others to enhance bandwidth, quality, and convenience of their network. This has enabled the telecom companies to add new services into their portfolio to serve their customers better and gain a market edge. However, the delivery of next-generation services such as increased network speeds, live streaming, and OTT content requires an efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing infrastructure. Addressing this exact need is Amdocs, a revolutionary software and services provider to communications and media companies of all sizes. The company embraces the paradigm shift to a DevOps approach and microservices-based architecture that redefines telecom RCM, bolstering rapid innovation and time to market. “We drive the full cycle of innovation from ideation, validation, and experimentation all the way to commercialization," states Shuky Sheffer, the CEO of Amdocs. With a degree in computer science and close to three decades of experience in the software industry, including more than two decades with Amdocs, Sheffer is the company’s fifth CEO, leading its innovation in practice.

"Truly exemplifying ‘innovation in practice,' Amdocs, is constantly innovating and adapting akin to leading communications and media companies"

Changing the Pace and Economics of Telecom Industry

Amdocs's market offerings address five business imperatives: consumer experience and monetization, media and digital services, enterprise and connected society, service-driven networks, services, and agile operations. "Our latest set of industry-leading offerings and services allow customers to accelerate their continuous digital transformation," says Sheffer. Amdocs’s prime product, amdocsONE is a suite of open and modular business solutions that meets and manages crucial business imperatives. The suite deploys the latest cloud-native microservice technologies for high-velocity time to market. As the broadest set of market-leading products and services to grow revenue and build loyalty, amdocsONE is changing the pace and economics of the telecom industry. The suite’s architecture with best-practice DevOps in small iterations promotes optimal costs, scope, and agility. "We deliver in fast DevOps sprints, with full accountability, to control costs, bring the optimal scope and drive agility."

The company’s solutions for Kenan and C1 customers further aid telecom billing and revenue management. With an agile platform, Amdocs Kenan competently handles complex revenue management for customers.

We drive the full cycle of innovation from ideation, validation, and experimentation all the way to commercialization

The solution delivers any combination of voice, video, messaging, content or Internet Protocol (IP) for complex B2B customers or traditional B2C services. The Amdocs C1 offers the latest converged real-time billing and customer management developments. The company’s valuable offerings are underpinned by their advanced technology foundations, including Microservices360, cloud, open source, open APIs, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

With its innovation centers, delivery expertise, and its ecosystem of startups, Amdocs deploys machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence based technologies across telecom service providers’ lines of business. This helps pre-empt and self-heal operational issues, introduce smart bots into digital channels, and quickly launch and activate new services which enable a seamless customer experience. Furthermore, to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) test new offerings, consumer uptake and disruptive business models for greater business agility and faster time to market, Amdocs uses cutting-edge technologies around open source, hyper-scale systems, and elastic network scaling to create AWS cloud-native environments. Amdocs also uses carrier-optimized cloud infrastructure to separate hardware and software layers that increase the value of the network by allowing the rapid onboarding of new services to their customers.

Expertise to Enhance Client Experience

Guided by 35 years of expertise in the communications and media field, Amdocs helps their clients smartly upgrade their business, generate new business opportunities, operate leaner and more efficiently to improve customer experience. The telecom connoisseur also helps clients find the right partner who can deploy the optimum technology capabilities with a rich comprehension of business procedures and prerequisites. Through its telecom and media practice, Amdocs helps business executives manage and thrive, facilitating the generation of jobs and rise in GDP.

With their rich set of innovative solutions, Amdocs delivers business growth from long-term business associations with 350 communications and media providers, and technology and distribution links to 600 content creators in the industry. The company’s global presence comprises a workforce of around 25,000 across six continents. Amdocs support and development centers are located in countries across the globe including Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

Amdocs improves customer experience and increases customer loyalty among its extensive clientele by empowering them to seize real-time, personalized commerce opportunities with next-generation digital services.
To endow clients with a competitive edge meeting increasingly demanding customer expectations, the company redefines customer engagement offering friction-free customer care and seamless omnichannel customer journey management.

Amdocs Growing in Practicality and Prominence

“We help our customers achieve their most audacious business goals and meet their everyday needs,” states Sheffer. Illustrating Amdocs’s expertise in telecom billing and revenue management is one of its noteworthy customers, DISH, a U.S.-based television provider that began 30 years ago offering programming with a one DISH satellite. After launching its first satellite in 1994, DISH has been offering satellite TV to residential and commercial customers since more than 20 years ago. The client realized the changing consumer behavior of watching TV—consumers cut cords and wish to spend less, only watching the channels that they really want to watch. DISH acknowledged the need for a new platform to cater to such customers and launched Sling TV, a new product that allows a consumer to watch TV anywhere on any device, with no contract.

On the lookout for a partner offering flexibility, optionality, and scalability, DISH chose Amdocs because of their world-class footprint evident over the course of many years. Before the arrival of Amdocs, consumers of DISH had to call their call centers in order to submit cases to change programming, make a payment, add new properties to their suite, and more. Also, these calls did not get a response before 24 hours. Now Amdocs allows the consumers to deal with all the aforementioned requirements without interacting with DISH. Amdocs is able to adapt and align with how DISH operates, a factor that has made the telecom billing company very successful. The company allows the client’s employees to work on more complex problems and focus on how to grow the business and have a greater footprint. Since deploying Amdocs, DISH has collected 10 percent above their previous year’s revenue, the amount of orders being taken has tripled meaning that their customers are able to service themselves which is a significant achievement for DISH in general.

As a testament to Amdocs's performance and contribution to the telecom industry, Gartner has named Amdocs, as a Leader for the eighth consecutive year. Amdocs was positioned at the peak for "ability to execute" and "completeness of vision" in Operations Support Systems (OSS) Magic Quadrant; highest "ability to execute" in Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) Magic Quadrant.

Paving the Path Ahead

"Truly exemplifying ‘innovation in practice,' Amdocs, is constantly innovating and adapting akin to leading communications and media companies," states Sheffer. The company welcomes every client looking to increase revenue and take cost out of their business. With their rich experience in driving digital transformations in telecommunications, Amdocs is a competent solution provider to expand a client’s digital arsenal, enabling them to deepen their customer relationships and lead the competition, today and tomorrow.
- Scarlett Wyatt
    May 03, 2019