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Tom Dibble, President & CEO, One Touch Tech SolutionsTom Dibble, President & CEO
The tech boom has brought a unique approach to business, with every enterprise looking for solutions that can cater to their business objectives and corporate organizational structure. Advances in technology will usher in the age of the fifth generation, or 5G, telecommunications. And, if past its prologue, this technological evolution will lead to dramatic societal and industrial changes. However, the ongoing pandemic has thrown a wrench into many organizations gears. In these times of crisis and uncertainty, clients expect self-service, omni-channel and instant communication more than ever. They also long for fast and seamless data connections and immediate resolutions to any network issues. To meet consumer demands and stay on top of the situation, telcos are realigning their business strategies, and subsequently encountering problems that they may not have prior experience with. As a leader in technology solutions and services, One Touch Tech Solutions has partnered with over 100 global corporations to help them overcome these unforeseen hurdles in the telecommunication landscape.

One Touch consists of a competent app developer team, as well as business and marketing experts who stand by clients at every critical step of their business through consulting, maintenance, quality assurance, and custom development services. The company also holds a vast portfolio of solutions which include cloud computing, omni-channel commerce, AI, and blockchain technologies—all of which help to improve the efficiency of customer's businesses.

With the spread of COVID-19, keeping hundreds of employees inside a contact centre is both a threat to their health and, in some countries, even illegal.

One Touch helps telecommunication firms by improving the uptime of their services and accelerating mobility within the enterprise

Telcos that heavily rely on contact centres to assist their clients face immense challenges with agents working from home. The only way out is relying on easy-to-use technology that can be managed from the cloud. One Touch helps these organizations lower their overheads, optimizes the efficiency of operations, and improves knowledge transfer within client organization by eliminating hardware and shifting to cloud-based storage and computing services. Working with trusted cloud vendors, One Touch helps telecommunication firms by improving the uptime of their services and accelerating mobility within the enterprise. The Singapore-based company also provides blockchain solutions to help telcos optimize the security, efficiency, and speed of their financial operations.

The company has also acquired a leading app building platform—Mobile Roadie—to help enterprises and startups leverage the benefits of a mobile experience to meet the demanding timeframe of modern business environments. Using the product's strength and its place in the market as a foundation, One Touch Tech Solutions has created a comprehensive app development platform to help clients reduce their downtime in business operations.

Since its inception in 2007, the company has stuck to its ethos and managed to communicate its goals to employees in a way that makes them a part of a unified team. It is a company acknowledged for its expertise, values, and a history of innovation with a strong commitment to customers and employees. One Touch offers a breadth of services that scale to make a difference, while being able to treat each customer, of any size, with the attention that they deserve. The firm also renders consulting, technological, progress, quality assurance, and product development services. The company further deploys several front-end technologies in its solutions such as blockchain, business intelligence, IoT, and artificial intelligence to enable its clientele to meet their business objectives and maintain competitiveness.
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One Touch Tech Solutions


Tom Dibble, President & CEO

One Touch Tech Solutions Is a leader in technology solutions and services that has currently partnered with 100+ global corporations. Their Business IT solution help clients to run their businesses more efficiently and smartly