The SpyGlass Group: Transparency and Savings on Telecommunication Invoices

Brad Clark, Co-President, The SpyGlass GroupBrad Clark, Co-President
Nobody likes to get overcharged. Among all aspects of improving business operations, “cost-effectiveness” is the value that’s vital for creating economically stable enterprises. Due to the lack of clarity in understanding the complexities and detail in telecommunications invoices and billing errors, most enterprises overspend on their telecom bills. Since 2001, The SpyGlass Group has positioned itself as an entity that helps enterprises to nip the challenges associated with managing and saving telecom expenditure in the bud. They do so by providing comprehensive assistance and insights to enterprises in identifying inefficiencies and reducing costs associated with land-line and wireless telecom service usage. SpyGlass offers Telecom Expense Management(TEM) and billing audit consulting services to identify billing errors and dormant or underused services while uncovering cost-saving opportunities for the future. “We bridge the language gap between the finance executives and their IT team or technical staff by presenting our findings in an easily understandable way for both the CFO and the team. Our focus is always on uncovering opportunities for cost-effectiveness by reducing telecom expenses, gaining refunds from providers, and streamlining operations,” asserts Brad Clark, the co-president at the company.

As a specialized telecom cost consultant, SpyGlass’ primary niche is in advisory engagement that is carried out through a comprehensive bill audit. CFOs and other financial executives usually rely on their internal IT staff to find overcharges and to approve their telecom bills for payment. But cost structure discrepancies are often hidden deep within in telecom invoices and require a unique skill set to dissect the billing and determine if they are correct or not, which is nigh impossible for the “untrained eye.”
Ed DeAngelo, Co-President
SpyGlass’ expert consultants leave no stone unturned and scrutinize tax and tariff codes, usage analysis, fees, and surcharges —figuring out loopholes in the billings with respect to overcharging. As an extension of their TEM services, SpyGlass also offers Wireless Expense Management. After all, wireless tech and mobility is a crucial component in today’s enterprise communication ecosystems, and they continue to grab a fair share of telecom expenses. Spyglass’ mobile expense management services prove to be a value-bound offering for its clients.

To produce a detailed telecom bill audit for its clients, all that Spyglass would require are: telecom billing of the most recent two-month period of the organization, list of contracts that apply to the services outlined in the billing statements, a signed Letter of Agency, and a list of company locations with the total employees. Being completely vendor-independent, SpyGlass adopts an unbiased approach in delivering its services. The company has helped thousands of clients in the U.S and Canada—across various sectors such as manufacturing, non-profit, education and government, financial services, healthcare, and professional services—to achieve significant ongoing savings in an often-overlooked area of P&L statements.

For the future, the company plans to expand its business by adding more members to its team and implementing additional services that are synergistic to its core service—telecommunication efficiency and cost expertise. The company will also be launching a new pricing oriented service, related to all the pricing information it gathers through the analytics. “We have successfully grown our business since 2001 to become one of the largest companies in the telecom audit industry. Our focus has been on building a huge and formidable direct sales team, and last year we started to build out channel alliance sales as a way to grow our business,” concludes Ed DeAngelo, co-president of the company.